How to promote the value of humility in children

How to promote the value of humility in children

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The modesty it is a value that is rare among younger children. Children have a natural tendency to be selfish, and that is what their survivalas they depend on adults to get ahead.

However, as they grow older, they must be made to understand that they they are not the only ones in the world, but there are other people around you who also require attention and respect.

We all possess special qualities that must be respected and valued for others. They must learn that they are no better than anyone else, and that therefore, they should not stand out from others as this can make them feel bad.

We present the campaign 12 months - 12 values.

The modesty It is a difficult value to explain, but of which we must make our children aware, so that they can be more empathetic with others and have good friends.

That's why we leave you some stories and fables They can help the child understand what humility is and why it is important.

The value of humility in children. The value of humility. How to teach children to be humble. It is understood as humility when people have a series of attributes such as modesty or objectivity, which encourage them to be minimized are achievements to be like others. Tips to promote humility in the family.

Shakespeare speaks of humility. Famous phrases of the writer William Shakespeare explained for children. What do some of the most famous phrases of William Shakespeare mean.

The insolent colt. Poem about humility. Short poetry with rhyme for children about pride and the value of humility. Rhyming poems that transmit values ​​to children. In this case, the protagonists are two horses.

The lion and the Mouse. Fable about humility. The Fable of the Lion and the Mouse is a fable with values ​​for children that speaks of humility, generosity, kindness ... Enjoy this beautiful narrated version of one of the most famous Aesop children's fables.

A perfect Christmas. Story about humility. A Perfect Christmas is a Christmas story that talks about two essential values: generosity and humility. Christmas story with a moral for children. An ideal story for children who have not yet learned to share their things with others. A story for Christmas.

The lion and the worm. Fable about humility for children. Read with your children this beautiful educational story for children: The Lion and the Worm. A children's story that teaches children two important values: the value of humility and respect for differences. They will also learn about vertebrate and invertebrate animals.

The shoe and the espadrille. Poetry about humility. Poems help children to memorize. In addition, they can be very useful in creating a reading habit among children. Here you have one, very short and simple for the little ones.

Field mouse and city mouse. Once upon a time there was a mouse that lived in a burrow in the country and another mouse that lived in the wall of a house in the city. The tale of Country Mouse and City Mouse, tells the difference between living in the country and in the city. With this story, based on Aesop's fable, children can learn the value of humility.

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