The doe and the vineyard. Fable for children about gratitude

The doe and the vineyard. Fable for children about gratitude

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Gratitude is much more than giving thanks, it is being happy with what we have, with who we are, and behave with others as we would like them to behave with ourselves. This is a very important value that we must instill in children, that is why we encourage you to read this short fable by Aesop, about the gratitude, To your childs.

Through the fables the children they learn quickly and with examples how they should behave in their life.

The doe and the vineyard, It is a fable for children that tells us about the importance of being grateful to those who help you.

A deer chased by hunters took refuge in a vineyard. When the men began to move away, the doe, believing herself well hidden, began to taste the leaves of the vine that covered her.

The hunters, seeing that the leaves were moving, thought that some animal was hiding there. They fired their weapons and mortally wounded the doe.

His last words were:

- I deserve it, because I shouldn't have hurt whoever was saving me from certain death!

Moral: Be grateful to those who help you.

To find out if your child has understood the fable correctly, you can ask him some simple questions about the text. Reading comprehension is a fundamental step for the child to learn to read correctly and show interest in reading.

Here we leave you some questions about the Fable of The Hind and the Vine that will help you discover if your child has a good reading comprehension.

- Why did the doe take refuge behind the vineyard?

- Why did he eat the vineyard?

- What alerted the hunters that the doe was in the vineyard?

- What happened to the doe in the end?

- Do you think the doe was right to eat the vineyard?

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