How to promote the value of respect in children

How to promote the value of respect in children

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Respect is a broad concept and, nevertheless, a very important value to instill in children. Respect for oneself, respect for others and the common good is basic to coexist in society.

But how can we transmit this concept to our children? It is about teaching children that they must be considerate of others, with certain situations, beliefs, things or common good and not cause harm to others. On our site we offer you different ideas to promote the value of respect in children.

To get children to respect you, it is important that you earn that respect, it is one of the values ​​that children will not be able to apply if from home you have not laid the foundations of respect, starting with yourself. And is that Respect is one of those values ​​that has two ways: to respect so that they respect you.

On our site we bet with our campaign 12 values, 12 causes in educating our children in the most basic values, in this case, we work on the value of respect.

How to know if the child is afraid or respectful of you. We give you the keys to know if your child is afraid or respectful of you. Keys to achieving the respect of children and a healthy coexistence at home.

How to promote respect for colleagues. Respect is a very important value to instill in children so that they learn to relate to others. We will tell you how we can promote respect for classmates from the classroom. We give you tips for teachers and parents to teach children to respect others at school.

We must demand respect for breastfeeding. our site points to the celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week, which is commemorated in the first week of August, and demands more respect and consideration for the mother who has to breastfeed her baby in public.

Get children to respect their parents. Take note of these tips from the psychologist Sara Tarrés to get children to respect their parents. Good advice to get the respect of children.

10 tips for children to respect us. The value of respect should be part of the basic pillars of the education of children, but unfortunately this is not always the case. We must teach them respect from home and the first people that children should respect is their parents. We tell you how to achieve it and we give you tools to achieve it!

Teach children to respect the living space. How to teach the child to respect the personal space of the other. How to explain what living space is. The value of respect. Educate children in values. The privacy of children.

Teach your children to respect differences. Racism and children. our site gives us some ideas on how to teach children not to discriminate and respect differences. Having a different skin color is a wealth for a society.

Respect the individuality of children. Children also need respect for their individuality, their ability to decide and their autonomy. From what age should we give him more space to make his own decisions?

What kind of father to be to gain the respect of your children. Have you ever wondered what kind of parents you and your partner are? Maybe you are authoritarian or permissive? The psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós gives us some keys to get children to respect us and to find a good balance in the relationship we have with children.

Educate in respect for differences. Children and respect for differences. Respecting themselves and others is one of the most important values ​​in the education of children.

Educate in respect for diversity. Children must learn to love their peers and others, regardless of their skin color, their features, what their hair is like, if they are Chinese, Arabic or indigenous, if they speak another language, and to respect their culture and traditions . Values ​​to educate on our site

Educate in respect for the common good. Nature, as well as streets, squares, lakes and fountains, are common goods. As such they must be respected. Children should know that it is not correct to throw garbage or floor debris, that they should not bathe in fountains, or make noise in museums, or break seats in theaters or cinemas.

Story for children about respect. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially encourages children to respect the common good, and to share everything in the world, including the sun. A nice story about respect and the need not to be selfish.

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