Help your children climb the January slope

Help your children climb the January slope

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After the 'hangover' of the Christmas holidays, my children rush the last details to play against the clock before starting classes. There is little left to start getting up early again, carrying the books and seeing friends again. That's the best of all!

Children must also climb the slope of January, theirs is not so economical, but they do have to recover routines and schedules.

The reunion with friends from school is one of the most positive aspects of going back to the classroom, which must be reinforced to deal with the so-called post-vacation syndrome, a state of mind that has been increasing in recent years. Recent studies indicate that post-vacation syndrome affects one third of the populationAnd it is directly related to the personal satisfaction index that, for example, each one of us has with work or with school.

This temporary state of mind makes us feel unmotivated, sullen and down, and it can also affect children, because the passage of leisure and free time at the pace imposed by school is not always satisfactory. And the fact is that the January slope begins for everyone and next week promises to be the hardest. For the elderly, after the indulgence of the Christmas celebrations, it is convenient for us to start the diet and get into the work routine, and for the children between the early hours of the morning and the dismissal of their toys until the afternoon, the first hours of the morning can be done difficult too.

In order not to fall into depression or discouragement, there are a series of tips that parents can implement to re-engage again with the activity with a positive attitude. Most of them are simple guidelines, which will help us so that our children do not find it difficult to start school after the holidays:

The first one is to lead by example, even if it costs you. You know, as the saying goes, in bad weather, good face. Our children will not be able to feel motivated by going back to school if you are not positive about your return to work. Help them by highlighting the most positive aspects of the school like the reunion with friends or the return to the extracurricular activities that they like so much.

Give them going back to school as a new challenge, reinforce the positive of learning new things and try to encourage them with a plan for the following weekend: go to the movies, to the bowling alley, to a ball pit, to the house of a friend to play, to ride a sled or to have a chocolate with churros, they will surely love it. Any illusions close in time will help make the first week of your personal January slope more bearable.

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