Elephants. I like elephants. Children's song in English

Elephants. I like elephants. Children's song in English

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Lyrics of the song in English Elephants. I like elephants, for children. presents a selection of the best children's songs recommended by parents. With this song you can promote the learning of English in children. They will be able to increase their vocabulary in English, in a fun and very instructive way.

Learn the lyrics of the most popular children's songs and enjoy singing and dancing with your children. Music helps stimulate the little ones. We invite you to sing Elephants. I like elephants with children. Follow the lyrics:

Elephants. I like elephants.
I like how they swing through trees

Monkeys. I like monkeys.
I like how they swim in the ocean

Fish. I like fish.
I like how they scratch at fleas and sniff at trees and bark at the mailman

Gotta like dogs.
Curled up on the windowsill purring, and chasing mice

Cats. I like cats.
I like how they say, Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Roosters. I like roosters.
I like how they gallup and trot

Horses. I like horses.
I like how they reach into beehives for the honey

Bears. I like bears.
I like how they jump up high to catch a fly and sit on a lilypad

Gotta like frogs.
Running through a maze for some cheese

Mice. I like mice.
I like how they say, Oink! Oink! Oink!

Piggies. I like piggies.
I like how they hop and eat carrots

Bunnies. I like bunnies.
I like how they stomp through the jungle with their big gray trunks

By Eric Herman

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