Today Minina. Very short poetry for young children

Today Minina. Very short poetry for young children

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Memory is like a sponge but needs to be stimulated. Do not think that your child because he is younger cannot memorize a poem. This, 'Hoy Minina', is ideal for the smallest of the house, since It only has two very easy to remember stanzas.

Practice with your child and help him memorize this fun poem. It is sure to be easier if you read it by interpreting and making hand gestures. Remember that sign language is also very important for children. Here you have 'Hoy Minina', a very short poem for young children.

Today Minina is beautiful

she has put on a pink dress

with a ruffled collar

and in the ear, butterflies.

Then start dancing

spinning very proud.

Minina dance and spin

knowing very beautiful.

Today Minina is very pretty

and as you know, pose.

Develop reading comprehension in your child from a very young age. In this case, even if you read it to them, check if they understood it. You can reflect with him on this beautiful short poem with these questions:

1. What is pussy wearing today in her ears?

2. And what is Minina wearing around her neck today?

3. What does kitty do with her feet?

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