How to stimulate the illusion of children

How to stimulate the illusion of children

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Many parents think that to stimulate the illusion of children it is enough to give them expensive things or toys that entertain them and make them 'happy', as I hope you know, this is not the case. Giving things to children without criteria is called materialism and this will never favor the illusion of children. Because illusion is something else.

The illusion in this case is a hope of the children who have something positive, a dream or a project, they can also feel illusion to achieve something that is very much desired.

Illusion is a sensation that must be nurtured in children, because well stimulated it can create motivated, happy children capable of achieving any personal project.

To stimulate the illusion of children, it is necessary to take care of the hope they have innately, to motivate them by something such as to be able to achieve their goals. Some goals that if not achieved should not be a reason for defeat, but for hope to achieve them later.

The illusion is linked to the imagination, so to stimulate one, the other will have to be enhanced with stories, stories, games, family activities ... etc.

In addition, in the material field the illusion can also be stimulated toimprove behaviors or attitudes. For example, if at the end of the year your son has been able to pass all the subjects and you promised him that if he did, you would buy him something (clothes, movie tickets, some electronic device, etc.) that he was excited about, because in this case, he has earned it.

Children can also feel excited about playing with their parents, going out to the field, going on an excursion ... stimulate the illusion of your children by doing activities together!

There is also another type of innocent illusion when children believe in stories or fantasies, in a fairy world that although it does not exist helps stimulate their imagination and creativity.

This innocent illusion when they are young is not negative, on the contrary, it helps them to develop cognitively, so do not hesitate to tell your children fairy tales, they will love it.

It is important do not force him to growLet him remain a child, learn, grow ... slowly but surely. Do you know what things your child is excited about?

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