Somebody. I count on values ​​for children about kindness

Somebody. I count on values ​​for children about kindness

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When the child begins to become aware of himself, of who he is and what he represents in the world, it is time to consolidate in him the essential values ​​that will protect and strengthen him throughout his life. Because without values ​​they are essential food for the personal growth of your child.

We present you a beautiful story full of values: 'Somebody'. It is a children's story that speaks of kindness, generosity and empathy to the kids. Enjoy it and reflect on it!

Someone was very sad because they did not know who it was. Everybody talked about him but nobody knew how to tell him his name or where he was born.

One day in the middle of the morning, he went out into the street ready to find an answer. He began to ask the people he met on his way but they all looked at him strangely.

It was beginning to get dark and the coquettish moon came out, round, full of color and from the sky the moon asked:

"Can someone tell me if I'm very red? I have a fever ...

Someone, seeing that the moon had addressed him, enthusiastically replied:

-You're talking to me?

"Yes, to you who have answered me," answered the moon.

—Luna, today you look beautiful as always but, so that you recover soon, I will prepare you a broth And I'll freshen you up with some damp cloths, ”Someone said gratefully.

As he left he heard the moon say to the stars:

"There goes a good man!"

The next day the bright, yellow, shining sun dawned and asked the sun from the sky:

Can someone tell me if my rays give the usual heat? Today I woke up a bit with a cold ...

Someone, seeing that the sun had turned to him, enthusiastically replied:

-You're talking to me?

"Yes, you have answered me," replied the sun.

—Sol, your rays warm as always but, so you can breathe better, I'll make you a medicinal infusion, Said someone grateful.

As he left he heard the sun say to the clouds:

"There goes a good man!"

At dusk, Someone met on his way a very poor old man who, shivering with cold, was asking for alms in a corner. He covered him with his jacket, gave him some coins and spoke to him affectionately and then some women who had witnessed it all said aloud:

"What a good person that man is!"

After helping the stars and the beggar, Someone felt very satisfied.

He understood that being a good person is essential in this life to feel good about oneselfTherefore, from that moment on, he stopped worrying and was only happy.

We help you reflect with your child on this beautiful children's story. Find out if he understood what you just read or heard. You can help him think about what he just read with these questions:

1. Why was Someone sad?

2. What did someone do when the moon and the sun asked him for help?

3. How did Someone feel after helping the moon, the sun, and the old man?

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