Paper angel. Stencil Crafts

Paper angel. Stencil Crafts

This craft It is indicated for children who already know how to cut papers, use glue and who like to assemble pieces. invites young children to make these cute and cuddly paper angels to decorate the house or give to friends, at Christmas. In addition, it is a homemade craft, inexpensive and very easy to make.

Just print our template, cut out the pieces and then assemble them. And finally, the children can decorate the angels in the way they like the most. How about?

If you want to make these cute angels to decorate the Christmas tree or give them to friends and family, follow the step by step of the craft:

1- Print the templates, CLICKING HERE. Cut out each piece and reserve.

2- Fold the circle in the middle and then join the two ends of the ends towards the inside of the circle, to form the angel's dress.

3- On the back of the angel's dress, glue the wings on one side and the other.

4- On the front of the angel's dress, glue the arms on one side and the other.

5- And here we have our angel with his wings and his arms, his little eyes and his mouth.

6- The last step is to decorate the angel. You can use glitter, buttons, sequins, or the material that children like the most.

Video: Paper Plate Angel Craft For Kids (January 2022).