Recipes to take advantage of leftovers. Recycling menu

Recipes to take advantage of leftovers. Recycling menu

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Mothers use well-known phrases at mealtime to try to get our children to finish all the food on their plate. Recycling Day is a great time to get down to business and prepare a menu using the leftovers.

A few roasted chicken breasts or a few pieces of fish can become a delicious dish for the whole family. It is important to instill in our children the value of food and good nutrition.

Throwing away the leftover food gives a lot of anger and shame to those who take care of the kitchen in a house. To prevent this from happening, we propose a few ideas to take advantage of food leftovers from other meals.

Recipes for first courses with leftovers. Recycling menu ideas to take advantage of food scraps. Recipes for first courses taking advantage of leftovers from family parties, Christmas or birthdays.

Recipes for main courses with leftovers. Recipe ideas made with leftover food from family parties. Healthy, nutritious and easy to make recipes using leftovers from other meals. How to recycle food left over from children's lunch, breakfast or dinner.

Dessert recipes with leftovers. Recipe ideas for desserts and sweets made with leftovers. How to take advantage of the food that is left over to prepare delicious dessert recipes for children. Recycling recipes.

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