How to spend New Years Eve when you have children

How to spend New Years Eve when you have children

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Do you remember those crazy and fun New Years Eve from a few years ago? Yes, yes, before having children, when you went out to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with your friends and it woke up while you still wanted to continue dancing and laughing.

Now that you have children, history has changed, right? Christmas celebrations are in a different way, more homemade and endearing, but in no case do they have to be less fun or unforgettable than those of our youth.

Are you already clear about how you will spend New Year's Eve with your children? Yes, this year the family is coming home, it is easier for us since we have very young children and taking them out is more complicated. We will put on our party hats and have a good supply of noisemakers and streamers. We will prepare some canapes and special starters and then we will cook a sea bream in the oven.

When the 12 chimes strike, we will take the grapes, except my son the eldest who substitutes it for olives. We will toast, the older ones with champagne and the little ones with juice, we will kiss and dance a little.

When you have children staying at home is the easiest, however, it is not the only option, there are other ways to spend New Year's Eve:

- Celebrate it in a hotel or restaurant where they organize a party and you don't have to prepare anything, just enjoy the night.

- There are those who prefer to leave their city and rent a rural house or a small bungalow to have a family party there.

- Some musicals, even children's ones, open their doors that night. You can also go to a magic or humor show.

- Rent a place where throw a family party It is another option, especially for very large families that do not fit in a house. Games can be organized for children to have a great time.

- Sports lovers can experience an unforgettable New Year's Eve in the snow.

- If it is summer where you live, the beach is an ideal place for a family picnic and see the fireworks that are usually launched at 12 at night.

- Those who can afford it have the option of going to a theme park where they usually organize a big party for children.

Whichever way you celebrate New Year's Eve, from our site we wish you a very happy outing and coming of the year ...

Happy New Year!

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