Why a mother and her biological child can be the same age

Why a mother and her biological child can be the same age

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Emma was conceived in 1992 but has taken 25 years to be born. How is it possible? His embryo was frozen, and it took more than two decades to implant, in the womb of a mother who has no biological relationship with him. Or in this case, with her, because the baby turned out to be a beautiful girl, very healthy, who in a few years may discover this strange reality: she should be the same age as her mother.

You may not understand it yet, so we will explain it in more detail. Discover with this strange and unique case in the world, why a mother and her biological child can be the same age.

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Emma's case is unique in the world. And peculiar, very peculiar. 25 years ago, it was conceived by an anonymous couple from the United States, who decided to donate the embryo, since they had decided not to increase their family anymore. In fact, in its in vitro fertilization process, four sister embryos were obtained. Emma's embryo was frozen, and she remained on hold until another woman, Tina Gibson (Tennessee, USA), needed it.. Emma's new mom is only a year older than her. Or at least, it's how old Emma would be if she had been born the year she was conceived. Her in 1992, her biological mother in 1991. When Carol Sommerfelt, director of the embryology laboratory at the National Embryo Donation Center, told her how long the embryo had been frozen, Tina was shocked, but she still decided to move on.

Little Emma was born in November 2017, and her biological mother, surprised, commented in an interview: 'Are you aware that the baby I just had could be my best friend. Now I would be 25 years old '. However, he immediately clarified: 'The truth is that I only wanted a baby, and I do not care if he has broken a world record or not.' Your baby really is special. Not only because it is the baby born from the embryo frozen by means of IVF (in vitro fertilization) the longest (the record was held by an embryo that had been frozen for 20 years), but also because it was born in perfect condition, without any health problems. Something that science has celebrated as a success.

Tina came to her partner, Benjamin, for help. Due to her cystic fibrosis, they did not get the desired pregnancy, and it was her father who gave her the idea of ​​trying IVF. After an examination of the case, the clinic where they attended they decided to bet on the implantation of a frozen embryo. Emma's embryo had been cryopreserved. None had been on hold as long as yours. Finally, they gave her a chance, and Emma was born healthy. His mother considers it 'a sweet miracle'. With this case, the doctors insist on the convenience of donating the remaining embryos from an in vitro fertilization process for couples like those formed by Tina and Benjamin, who may need them and thus give the embryos an opportunity to be born.

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