Extroverted children, advantages and disadvantages of their way of being

Extroverted children, advantages and disadvantages of their way of being

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Being extroverted is a predominant manifestation within the personality of children at some point in the evolutionary development of children. Extroverted children are said to be restless, impulsive, easily distracted by the stimuli that surround them, and it is difficult for them to listen to othersThey talk all the time, they are very sociable, integrating comfortably in a group for leisure or sports activities, and they are also very curious.

All these characteristics make extroverted children seem tireless since the energy that drives them is continually received from the environment with which they interact. This means that this type of children is considered to have a higher than average intellectual development.

Outgoing behavior is the most highly regarded and is sometimes considered excellent behavior. However, we must know that extroversion, like introversion is a natural characteristic within each person.

The personality within the individual is not pure. There are different types of personality. Therefore, children will not just be extroverts, or they will just be introverts. Ideally, there should be a balance between the two, with a predominance of one of them without completely canceling the other and compensating each other.

- It is difficult for children with the predominance of this personality to feel alone or get bored since they areTheir character allows them to have friends more easily.

- Being extroverted makes them be less likely to suffer from psychosomatic ailmentssuch as stomach aches or headaches.

- They know how to overcome the problems that arise since they do not accept negatives and they don't stop until they get what they think they deserve.

- They are considered good leaders since they like to be collaborative and equitable.

- They are children with High self-steem which will be positive if you know how to guide.

- Always they want to attract attention, so his environment can begin to see him as "the clown" of the group and take him into account for serious issues.

- They speak a lot and very fast so they do not usually think what they say which causes them to make mistakes in the way of expressing themselves towards another and results in misunderstandings.

- At school they focus more on talking to others, which makes them become distracted at school and their performance drops.

- Misguided high self-esteem can lead to be arrogant and that they despise the opinions of others and thus lose friends

Adults must continually monitor children's behavior in order to guide them appropriately:

- Children should be taught to control your desires and impulsiveness. Make them see that they don't always have to be the center of attention.

- Teach them that their way of dealing with the environment has both positive and negative consequences.

- Respect their personality, but guide them so that their evolutionary development is adequate.

- That there is an open communication with the teachers so that they understand what type of stimuli they need and facilitate their school stage

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