10 star names for boys

10 star names for boys

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Sometimes it is not easy to choose the name of the baby because of the many options we have. So you better get carried away by the heart and be guided by the inspiration of the most beautiful names.

Star names for boys can be a good choice because they are pretty names, with meaning and that will make you smile when you look at the sky. If your baby is a star, he also deserves a star name.

1. Crux. It is not the name of a star, but of a complete constellation. The name is of Latin origin and means 'cross' And, although we like it better for boys, it is a unisex name that also works for girls.

2. Leo. In addition to being a sign of the zodiac, this name of Latin origin and with a meaning related to the 'Lion', is the name of a constellation. In addition to its obvious appeal, it is fast becoming one of the most popular boy names.

3. Castor. This name of Greek origin and with a meaning related to the 'musk' it belongs to a star in the constellation Gemini. We like it because it is a traditional name that has managed to preserve its originality.

4. Phoenix. The name is of Greek origin and represents the 'bird' that is reborn from its ashes. It is a mythological name that we know thanks to the legend of the bird that is consumed by fire and reborn from its ashes and that later will become a constellation.

5. Deneb. This name of Arabic origin and means 'line', precisely referring to the place that this star occupies in the constellation of the Swan. We like it because it is an original name with a very distinguished touch.

6. Orion. It is the name of one of the most visible constellations. It has a Greek origin and its meaning speaks of 'moutains'. It is an ideal name for its forcefulness and the personality it brings.

7. Sirius. The name is that of the star brighter and it is located in the constellation Canis Maior. It is of Greek origin, but so old that its meaning is unknown, which makes it even more enigmatic if possible.

8. Pollux. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning related to the 'amiability'. In mythology we find him as the twin brother of Castor and that is why we place him in the sky in the constellation Gemini.

9. Lesath. This name is found in the constellation of the Scorpio and has an Arabic origin that means 'sting'. It is one of those rare names for boys that so attracts parents looking for a different name for their children.

10. Baham. The name is of Arabic origin and has a meaning related to the 'good luck'. We find it in the sky in the constellation Pegasus, so the name is loaded with strength and charisma.

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