A funny video to congratulate Christmas

A funny video to congratulate Christmas

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Christmas postcards stopped traveling from one place to another long ago. Christmas are almost museum objects and soon they will be cult. Nowadays the Christmas greeting takes an animated form and, if possible, is sent with a single click. Today's Christmas is digital and you don't need a pen, but a nimble finger and ease when it comes to finding what you are looking for.

Personalized videos of cats and dogs congratulating Christmas, oneself dressed as an elf, the Magician King or Santa Claus, or the tender images of the Disney protagonists putting up a Christmas tree. But the kings of digital Christmas are, once again, the minions. Maybe because we need to laugh and they make us laugh. Here is a funny video to congratulate Christmas.

They call themselves video postcards. On some web pages they can be downloaded without problem and used freely to send from the computer, tablet or smartphone. They are the Christmas greetings of the moment. Sweet music, tender images or funny videos that seek to subtly change from smiling to uncontrollable laughter.

The protagonists of these digital postcards? Animals, children, yourself or animation characters well known to all. For example, the minions.

The minions they have something in common with Christmas magic. Not for being yellow, of course. For being children. Perhaps this is why they have won both the little hearts of the little ones and the grown-ups. Maybe because they remind us of ourselves when we were children, and we could still boast of being intuitive, innocent, witty, imaginative, authentic. To have an overflowing illusion and look for the practical and vital side of things. When still a grain of sand was a grain of sand, and not a mountain. And a flower was the most beautiful expression of spring, and not the unpleasant beginning of an allergy period.

The minions congratulate Christmas and even if they only sing, make us smile. Perhaps because we remember that tender moment when, tambourine in hand, we sang Christmas carols in front of the nativity scene.

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