10 essential tips for going on a mountain excursion with children

10 essential tips for going on a mountain excursion with children

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Have you ever tried go on the road with the children to the mountain and you had to turn around after five minutes because the child asked you every minute "mamaááá, how much is left? or" I'm bored "," I have pee "," I'm hungry "...?

One imagines that we are going to go on a family outing as explorers, and it ends up being a family of ogres, all angry, desperate and frustrated, and to top it all, the children crying because they are tired.

How can we make the children have an interest in the route through the mountains and do not get bored?

Here are some essential tips to go with the children on an excursion to the mountains and not die trying.

I do not assure you that this is the magic formula so that, from now on, your child will be able to climb Everest, but I assure you that with these tips you will be able, at least, to spend a nice family picnic.

1- Plan the suitable route for each child, according to their age and tastes. We are not going to give the child a beating of 20 km if the poor thing all that has walked is from the school bus home. At the beginning it is always better to start with a route with a few kilometers and with a specific purpose such as a waterfall, cave, going to a lake or seeing a forest animal.

The route does not need to be excessively easy, because that can be a bit boring, nor is it so difficult for the child to fall off the rocks. Something fun like climbing a stone, crossing a river through a log or going through a cave is enough to motivate them.

2- Take them well equipped. No flip-flops to get your nails stuck in the first stone of the road. The best are hiking boots that support the foot, do not get cold and do not get wet. Nor should we take them too warm in winter, if we do not want them to shed after five minutes of things that they will give us and we will end up as a coat rack.

The best is the 3-layer system (what I call onion): a T-shirt, a sweatshirt and a coat are enough, and if they are hot, just remove a layer and that's it.

3- That each one bring your own backpack in an adventurous way, with water, a snack, plasters and above all, to be able to put the layers of clothes that are left over.

4- Perhaps the most important of all the tips: bring a friend, brother, dog, koala or pet to entertain on the way. It's almost a safe bet.

5- Plan a I play where they are the guides, and they will take us up the mountain. We can look for information about what we will see along the route and print the map so that the child can have fun making him lead us along the way.

6- No hurry. Enjoy the road, it is not necessary to reach the end of the route. We can carry a magnifying glass to see bugs or bags to collect fruits and leaves without having to go very far.

7- When are tired we stop to look at bugs, observe flowers, listen to the sounds of nature or paint the flowers.

8- It is time to search your memory and bring out your speaking skills by telling the stories of when you were little, singing songs, telling your pregnancy, your military service battles or singing your repertoire of stories. Release your imagination and make up stories of the forest.

9- Never be angry with the child, even if you want to turn around in the first minute. If we want to repeat the experience, it must be positive and fun.

10- If none of this works for you: as a last resort, take out the magic bagThe one that will keep you quiet for at least half an hour, the bag of goodies! If possible, take candies that last a loooong time, so you will eat less sugar and we will have you entertained for longer.

Don't forget to congratulate the child if he has finished the route, and if not, also !, because he has done what he could, and perhaps next time he will do better.

Finally, always remember the emblem of the clean mountaineers: “what I carry in my backpack, I bring it in my backpack”, whatever it is, even if they are orange peels. If we all throw garbage in the mountains, even if it is biodegradableThe next time you go to the field, you will not see the flowers, but dozens of peels and fruit peels all over the previous mountaineer.

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