How We Can Improve Children's Calligraphy

How We Can Improve Children's Calligraphy

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Does your child do bad handwriting and do you need ideas to improve it?

Calligraphy is an art that requires combining the movement of the wrist and fingers of the dominant hand with the fact of applying more or less pressure on the paper.

That is why in early childhood children need to practice the copy of the lyrics they are learning. Even so, this copy may not be enough to write words and phrases that can be understood, and by a certain age children will no longer want to repeat the handwriting exercises.

As we can improve children's calligraphy? Here are a few ideas for your child to improve his handwriting.

So here you have a list of activities which, apart from being fun, can also be beneficial for improving calligraphy. All of them are about practicing movement and precision of the fingers, wrist and dominant arm.

- Draw. Use different paint textures. The pressure we must exert when we use watercolors is not the same as when we paint with markers. Nor will it be the same to draw on paper as on a blackboard; the larger the space you provide, the better it will be so that the line will come out with ease.

- Play table football. To play well table football you need to have good control of the movement of the dolls. The interesting thing in this case is that soft movements are combined with stronger but controlled movements so that the ball enters the net.

- Juggle. In this case, juggling or any similar game (such as rolling a basketball with the hand) requires a good command of the movement of both the fingers of the hands and the wrists and arms.

- Fold socks. This exercise also requires the dexterity of the wrists and fingers, and it can also help us to get a hand from time to time.

As you can see, children have the opportunity to improve their penmanship with simple easy exercises to do And they don't have to be boring, even with the latest proposal they can have fun!

See what he likes to do the most and offer fun ways to exercise hands, fingers and arms so that teachers can better understand what he has written.

This will give you more security at the time of writing and it will also facilitate that the essays are more enriching, because if you master well how to hold the pencil to write, you can relax and focus your attention on writing everything you want to tell.

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