What is bottle tooth decay or rampant tooth decay in babies

What is bottle tooth decay or rampant tooth decay in babies

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The infant caries, nocturnal bottle syndrome or rampant cavities, has the peculiarity of being one of the first oral problems of children. Detecting it early helps us to treat it more easily.

At the age of 6-7 months the eruption of the first front pieces of our baby, therefore, the recommendation in these cases should be to go to the dentist around 12 months of age, since, at this age, your baby should already have between 4 and 8 teeth and they may already be emerging you are first cavities.

Next, I explain what is the bottle tooth decay or rampant tooth decay in babies, how to prevent it and its treatment.

The causes that babies develop this type of cavities arise mainly for two reasons: the continued exposure of milk teeth to sugars, and poor hygiene.

If your baby sleeps with him bottle in mouth after a feeding or even sometimes the whole night or if we moisten the pacifier with honey, sugar water or juices to calm them, sugars are accumulating in your child's mouth for long periods of time and this favors the appearance of bacteria that produce cavities.

Both powdered and breast milk can harm little and your baby's immature teethThat is why it is advisable to pay special attention to oral hygiene from an early age.

How can we prevent baby bottle tooth decay?

This task corresponds to mothers and fathers up to 3 years of age, at which point learning and supervised hygiene begin. Until then we must take care of clean the gums with a moistened gauze and also to brush their first teeth with special brushes that you can find in the pharmacy. Never use toothpaste until 2 or 3 years old and always with vigilance, since some little ones are crazy about pastes with flavors such as strawberry and are dedicated solely to savoring and swallowing it.

Thus, we create a healthy habit from an early age, making brushing fun and important in our daily grooming. What will save us many problems futures.

It is good to examine your child's mouth for these cavities that look like small black dots on the enamel which should be totally white. We must also check the gums for redness or white spots and go to the consultation before the review if they are found.

Not long ago the recommended age for first check It was the age of 3, which is when our baby has a complete primary dentition, but given the speed with which these cavities advance, much more than in an adult, and the complexity of treating children at such a young age, it is more advisable the age of 12 months.

What is the treatment for rampant tooth decay in babies?

Paste These cavities are a priority to avoid pain and infections that affect the root of the tooth and lead to the loss of it before the eruption of its replacement part, thus producing alteration in the order of eruption and problems of dental malpositions.

Author: Marta Navarro Ribagorda. Children's dentist.

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