Consumerism at Christmas harms children

Consumerism at Christmas harms children

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Every year around this time we all seem to get rich. As if the last month of the year were to be the last of our lives, we brought up our credit card and left the bank accounts as if a hurricane had passed through them.

The Christmas They are like that! We use ourselves as an excuse to do extreme consumerism, but the truth is that this consumption does nothing more than fill empty spaces within us.

Under this terrible perspective, and knowing that children imitate us, why should we instill this desert and superficial value in the little minds of children? It is clear that Christmas consumerism hurts children.

Advertising and Christmas lights are responsible for persuading us that we cannot be happy if our children they don't have the gift What are you waiting for, if we don't eat what most expensive in the supermarket or we don't fill the table with dozens of dishes of all kinds, under the stereotype that "the one with the most is happier". However, we all know deep down that this is not true, but we do nothing to remedy it.

The consumerism it plunges us into a loop from which there seems to be no possible escape: if last year I bought my son five gifts for Christmas, this year there cannot be less because if not the child will be sad And so we ended up buying the five toys from last year, and adding one more to make this Christmas even better than the previous one.

However, on Christmas day our son tears the wrapping paper and hasn't finished taking it out of the box, when he begins to unwrap the next gift. He looks not at the gift, but at how many gifts they have brought you. At that moment his unhappiness begins. From now on it will be the result of consumerism, and he will not be happy with what he has, no matter how much it is given him.

Consumerism makes us buy things we don't need, throw away those that still work and subtract the true value of things. Children are bombarded by so many toys that they don't know where to start playing, and they may not even play with any because they feel overloaded.

We are making them demanding, pampered and without dreams. Consumerism is not good for ourselves, nor for our children, much less for the resources of a limited planet like ours.

But, we will not give up everything for lost, Everything has a solution! The first thing is to become aware of this fact, as much as in a first impulse we want to give our children the moon, it is always better to show them that the moon is much more beautiful if we all enjoy it from Earth.

Here are some tips not to consume too much at Christmas, despite what the ads tell us.

1- Take the opportunity to order or give away things you need really. The house slippers that the dog ate a week ago, the school pencil case that he lost in the race to the bus, the shirt he needs to play basketball for the neighborhood team ... Simple, practical gifts that they really need and illusion.

2- When you go to do Christmas shopping, go with the gift list, and do not get out of it. Small, crazy purchases are the ones that waste the most money, and the least you need.

3- Do not buy excess food, in the end you will have to throw it away. Use the leftovers of the big family feasts for the rest of the days.

4- Don't buy more Christmas decorations, or buy one as something special. Take the opportunity to spend some time with the family and make your own homemade Christmas decorations with the children. They are much more valuable than anything you have ever bought.

5- Give experiences to your children instead of so many material gifts. Santa Claus can bring you a day at the circus, an afternoon playing with the family, or going ice-skating with your parents ... Experiences are better remembered than material gifts.

6- If you are many in the family, instead of buying gifts for everyone, make the invisible friend; that is, each person gives only one of the family, and thus everyone has a gift.

And, above all, remember: "The one who has the most is not the richest, but the one who needs the least", and the best things in life they are always free...

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