The advantages of using sign language with children

The advantages of using sign language with children

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The signs or sign language they can be used anywhere and at any time, you don't need anything but your hands and you win! Some of the advantages of using sign language with children with disabilities They are greater communication skills, improve speech and language development, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, facilitate socialization, reduce negative behaviors and create a calmer learning environment.

We tell you what the Advantages of Using Sign Language with Children.

The Sign language It is very useful, not only for children who have difficulty developing verbal language, but also for all children. Sign language reinforces communication with children, especially with babies who have not yet developed language skills, since it is an option for the child to express himself earlier with his parents.

At home:
- To comunicate wishes: eat, drink, more, play, music, finished, sleep.
- For explain to the child what is going to happen next and thus avoid complicated moments. For example, go to the bathroom.
- During the routines daily: getting dressed, going to bed.
- For indicate disease or pain.
- For communicate with the rest of the family members and improve relationships.

At school:
- For communicate with the teacher.
- To express concepts learned as colors, shapes or numbers.
- To express wishes for example, in food, a book, a break.
- To improve the relations with other students.
- To reduce frustration.

In society:
- To develop relations with other children.
- For ask things.
- To improve socialization and behavior.
- To provide a tool Communication.

Why use signs if my child is not deaf?
Any child who is learning to speak can benefit from signs, but in the case of children with special needs it is even more apparent how signs can improve their language skills. Signs are increasingly being used outside the deaf community with children with and without needs specials to communicate better.

In fact, the use of signs with special children is recommended for several reasons (Sundberg and Partington, 1998):

- Signar is easy, it requires no additional tools and you don't need to have any prerequisites.
- You can sign a speed similar to talking.
- Signar requires movements that can incite speaking.
- Signing can reduce inappropriate behaviors since the signed answer is more forceful than using photos or other forms of expression.
- You learn more quickly to sign that to select photos.
- Signs can improve receptive language.

What if my child already uses photos or images to communicate?
Great! If you've found a way to communicate With your child it is advisable to continue like this, since it can be very difficult to find an effective communication tool. Many speech-impaired children use a combination of methods. Each child learns in their own way and we cannot think that there is only one way to communicate with children.

But we can always add the signs to the systems that we are currently using as something complementary or independently. Thus, the child will have several methods to express himself and if one does not work for him, he can use the other. For example, if you don't have the photos at hand you can use the signs.

My child already attends classes with a therapist or speech therapist, can the signs interfere with this?
Many parents fear that when introducing signs or another form of communication, children will not want to speak. However, studies show that children who learn signs tend to be more motivated when trying new words. By matching words with signs, a child is more exposed to both oral and visual language. In fact, it is common that once the child learns to say the word they stop signing it.

My child has a lot of tantrums, can signs help?
Most children with speech problems can suffer a lot frustration when they can't make themselves understood. This frustration can very quickly turn into a tantrum or tantrum, inconsolable crying, or self-harm. By providing children with an easy way to communicate their needs or wants, their tendency to tantrums will be reduced.

My child has reduced mobility, is the use of Signs still recommended?
Children with disabilities that affect their fine motor mobility, such as children with cerebral palsy, they can still benefit from the use of signs. Although these children cannot reproduce the sign accurately, they can communicate and it is a matter of the caregiver knowing how to identify the approaches that the child makes to the original sign.

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