6 different ideas to make pacifiers for kids

6 different ideas to make pacifiers for kids

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Comecocos is a classic game, very popular, simple and very economical. Children of all generations have played to fold a piece of paper into a small pyramid from which they can open the flaps and discover colors, numbers or drawings.

On our site we propose six fun and different ways to play with a pacifier, a game that stimulates children's creativity and imagination and encourages their ability to concentrate. We recommend several models of Comecocos for children.

1- Comecocos of housework: If you want to stimulate collaboration and participation in the children's home, we suggest you do it through a simple game of pacifiers. You can create one in which a household chore is hidden behind each flap. It can be: making the bed, sweeping, emptying the dishwasher or folding clothes. You can create the most suitable tasks for your children according to their age and encourage help at home from children through play.

2- Pacifiers of riddles: the guessing game is not only fun, it also stimulates children's thinking, logic, reasoning, memory or the association of ideas. But this time we propose a different guessing game, using a pacifier. You can do this by creating a classic kite, in which there is a color in each corner, the child has to choose one of them, which will hide a riddle to be solved.

3- Comecocos of leisure activities: if each member of the family wants to do a different activity during the weekend, you can resolve the conflict using an activity kite. You can put in it all the things you want to do, whether it's going to the park, riding a bike, going to the movies, preparing recipes at home or having an afternoon of board games. For the avoidance of doubt, the kite on the outside will be white, it will not have any color, so the innocent hand will carry out the activity to be carried out that day.

4- Comecocos birthday invitation: How about preparing a birthday invitation different from any other year? And also made by the child? You can make a pacifier for children decorated on the outside and hide information about the birthday on each flap, that is, where it will be celebrated, what day, the name of the guest or how old your child is.

5- Test kites: children will love playing with a kite to perform different types of tests. You can hide behind each flap actions like "hopping 5 times", "doing a somersault on the floor", "speaking with a French accent", "imitating mom", "dance a rock & roll".

6. Animal Pacifiers: it is about making a fun puppet through this origami game. If you take a pink paper and give it the shape of a kite, then you only have to add the ears, muzzle, eyes and tongue in rubber, it will be a fun little pig. With a little imagination, children can also create elephants, tigers or cute bunnies.

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