The best-selling children's toys of the last 40 years

The best-selling children's toys of the last 40 years

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From Nenuco, to Scalextric, through Barbie or Tente. There are toys for children who have known get older gracefully in the last 40 years.

They are toys that had a great reception among the children of the 70s and 80s, and that these children today give to their children, but in a modern version.

Who does not remember the legendary Famobil ?, or the Barbie Superstar ?, who now has a boyfriend, has bought a dog, has a chalet, a carabana, a hairdresser and a car that we would already like the most mortals.

But there are also toys that carry more than 50 years dancing between the hands of the smallest, is the case of the immortalyo-yo, or the dancing top.

Find out what thebest-selling and most popular toys of the last 40 years.

1- I-I

During the 50s it was was one of the street games More popular between children. But the peak of the yo-yo came in the 1980s when it came to travel to the space to study the effects of gravity. Today, they are made of wood or plastic, and they even shine when thrown.

2- Spinning top

The first spinning tops were tin, although the wooden ones are still the best sellers and the ones that roll the best. It is not so easy to make them dance, but there is no child today who has not tried it once.

3- Tente

Today it could be compared to Lego, although the Tente stopped being manufactured in 2004, but the essence is the same. It is a construction game, whose old versions were intended only for males, thank goodness than the women's revolution It has caught up with him and he has adapted to the new generations outside of gender stereotypes. So today's boys and girls have hundreds of versions to build from cargo trucks to princess castles.

4- Nancy

He was born in the early 60's but he doesn't have a single wrinkle. La Nancy was born from a Spanish company and has been able to withstand inclement weather. In the 70s it was a real revolution, and versions of the doll from different professions were sold. It was one of the first communion gifts of the girls of the 80s, although currently the most desired Nancy is the skier Nancy.

5- Scalextric

The scalextric continues to occupy the top positions in the wish list of children since they arrived in the 60s. At first their cars were made of tin, and they moved by winding them with a watch, later the electric tracks They were filled with versions of the Seat 600, and it is currently renewing its fleet of vehicles and its circuits, although the Le Mans one continues to occupy the first place of the best sellers.

6- Clicks from Famobil

It was born thanks to the oil crisis in the early 70s, since plastic became more expensive and dolls became smaller. The Famobil were the Spanish version of the German brand Playmobil, but their great success was due to the breadth of scenarios they represent: pirates, cowboys or professions such as firefighters or doctors.

7- Cinexin

If you are over 35 years old, surely you were one of those who went crazy trying to ride the 8mm tape inside the Cinexin to watch short cartoon shorts. Setting up the home theater was something few of us could resist, and even though it had no sound, it was a lot of fun watching the pictures go back and forth over and over again. Later versions carry sound effects and more movie options.

8- Barbie

At the beginning of the 60s, one of the most emblematic of the world: Barbie. So desired by some, as hated by others for his slim physique that represented the female model From the 1960s, Barbie has become a doll that has everything she wants: she is rich, famous, has a "handsome" boyfriend, a beach villa, a car, perfect children and almost nonexistent curves. Something totally unreal.

9- Nenuco

Maybe the most famous baby for 40 years. With him we women of the last half century have grown: we have bathed him, fed him, walked him in a cart, and made diapers with plastic bags. Today's diapers are almost like real ones, and it has a variety of wardrobe bottoms that many of us envy.

10- Game boy

Before his arrival we played with the computer, but the Game Boy was a real revolution, since we could take the game in a pocket. The games of Super Mario and Tetris were endless among the children of the 90s.

11- Spinner

It was invented as anti stress toy for children with autism, attention deficit or anxiety. However, its low price has made it one of the most sought-after toys in recent years. Its wide variety of styles and easy operation make it the star of the nursery school playground.

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