Do schools cheat with food?

Do schools cheat with food?

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These images they will fill you with anger and indignation. Images that are going around the world and have put parents and teachers in Colombia on a war footing.

In the video you can see how in a school, those responsible for supplying food they fool the children (and parents). How? They take a photo of them with a copious menu to send to their parents and then they change their plate ... for a sad pancake, so small, it fits in the palm of one hand. Do schools cheat with food? Discover thanks to this video, the answer.

The school is in the municipality of Aguachica, in Colombia, and is called Sagrado Corazón. In the images you can see how the children line up to pose smiling with a fantastic plate of food. But they can only pose. Actually, their menu is very different, and the plate turns into a sad cake with a piece of banana and three strips of chicken on top. Without plate.

The images were recorded by a teacher to denounce what happened at school at lunchtime, and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare has declared to be as outraged as she.

Every month, my children bring a paper with the school menu. Well explained. Although of course, there are always last minute changes. However, I always ask them if they ate well ... Maybe that mother's instinct, not to trust at all.

It does surprise me, yes, that in many schools there are still complaints from parents, either because they do not comply with the program that the children bring each month, or because the menu is not balanced. These are the main mistakes in many school canteens:

- In some cases they abuse the simplest dishes and helped: pasta, rice, all the foods that give less problems.

- As a general rule, in school canteens carbohydrates are usually abundant.

- Dtoo many dairy desserts (quick to take) in front of the fruit.

- Very repetitive menus. Does every Monday pasta? Every Friday paella?

- Little vegetables and a lot of fried garnish.

- In many schools there is no home cooking. They commission catering companies all food and not cooked at the moment.

- The quality in many cases it leaves much to be desired. Many parents pay a lot for poor quality.

School feeding is basic. Let's remember five of the seven meals that our children eat a week, they eat them at school. Therefore, we must insist that it be varied and balanced. It is cooked in a healthy way, excess fried food is eliminated and children are given more time to eat calmly. And you, do you know what your children eat at school?

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