Christmas carols digital Advent calendar for kids

Christmas carols digital Advent calendar for kids

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A unique and exclusive Advent Calendar for children with Christmas Carols for this Christmas. In GuiaInfantil We have created this digital Advent Calendar for you to sing while you wait for Christmas Day to arrive. Every day hides a Christmas song that you can sing as a family.

In this Digital advent calendar In the form of a musical score, children will be able to find 24 Christmas carols hidden in each day of December until Christmas. You just have to click the day of the Advent Calendar that you want and it will take you to a Christmas carol so that you can sing it as a family. With this gift we want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas carols are the traditional Christmas. Its origin dates back to the 13th century in Spain and in the 17th century in Latin America, since then every year they are present in Christmas vacations.

We hope that this Advent Calendar will help you to spend a pleasant time with your family this Christmas. The children will be able to sing the 24 Christmas carols that we have selected you.

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