10 dangerous foods because they can cause choking in children

10 dangerous foods because they can cause choking in children

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We don't want to scare you, far from it, but in a country like Spain 2,500 people die annually from asphyxia secondary to choking. A percentage of them corresponds to the child population.

Although this form of accident is much less frequent than others (such as traffic accidents or drowning), we will remind you below Ten foods can cause choking in children, are foods that have proven to be more dangerous in this regard. With this, we want to warn you to put all possible precautions when you give them to your children.

1- Sausages are the most dangerous food. Its cylindrical shape and its great deformability favor that this food is impacted under the pharynx, right at the entrance of the airways, where it can produce a total obstruction. Hence, we should never lower our guard when we give sausages to a child, especially if it is small. It is the food that generates the highest rate of income from choking, as well as the most lethal. It is not a food, much less essential: with that we tell you everything.

2- Hard candies and sweets. They are the foods that cause the most choking and suffocation in children over four years of age, and the second in terms of lethality, after sausages. They are especially dangerous from the age of four, as the child is already more confident in his own swallowing ability, and can swallow the candy whole. If it passes into the airway, there is a risk that it will obstruct. You already have one more reason not to give them to the little ones, or to reduce their consumption as much as possible.

3- Grapes. Its sweet taste, soft texture and oval shape attract children. It is a very healthy fruit, full of antioxidants. But it also involves some danger when children eat them. It is the third most potentially lethal food from choking.

4- Meat. The meat provides iron, zinc, proteins of high biological value. When we give it to our children, we have to be especially meticulous. In particular, we recommend cutting the steaks into reasonably small pieces, as meat is the fourth food in terms of lethality.

5- Peanut. Peanuts are not nuts, but legumes. They involve aspiration risk; in fact, in the United States, they are the food most implicated in choking, and the fifth in terms of fatality. Other legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils and beans, are much less dangerous, and therefore more advisable.

6- Carrot. Full of carotenes and pleasant to chew, carrots are very popular with children. But the child has to chew it properly if he does not want this vegetable to play tricks on him.

7- Cookies. Be careful with them, especially in the little ones. They do not provide nutritional benefits (many of them are an important source of free sugars), and they carry some risk.

8- Apples. It happens to this fruit like the carrot. The child should chew it very well before swallowing it, as long as it is eaten raw. Asada, for example, does not cause problems.

9- Popcorn. The widespread habit of eating large amounts of salty or sweet popcorn (both options are unhealthy) while watching a movie, with the child distracted, can be a dangerous source of accidents.

10- Bread. A symbol of Spanish gastronomy, and a source of health if consumed in its integral version, bread is also one of the most potentially dangerous foods for choking.

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