Clara's grandfather. Story for children about grandparents

Clara's grandfather. Story for children about grandparents

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Grandparents are a fundamental pillar in the education of children, they transmit so many and such good values ​​that we must foster the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

For children to value the role of their grandparents, we suggest you read this tender story for children about grandparents as a family: Clara's grandfather. A beautiful story that talks about all the good things that the passage of time brings us.

Clara approached her grandfather and asked, ruffling his hair.

- Grandpa, why do you have so white hair?

"Hair turns white when we get older," she answered the girl.

"And what is aging?" Clara asked again.

"It is living," answered the grandfather. If you don't live you can't grow old.

"And what is living?" Said the girl, tilting her head.

"To live is to get old," answered Grandpa. We begin to die the moment we are born.

Clara looked at him questioningly.

- The longer you live, the older you get. The older you are, the more you will have lived and the closer you will be to death. Wrinkles and gray hair are signs of the passage of time, of old age and we must know how to accept it.

- You have to know how to enjoy the different moments that life brings us, - the grandfather continued speaking. Being old is not bad, it is another stage of life that you have to know how to enjoy. If I were young, - he said caressing his granddaughter's face, now I couldn't be here with you.

Clara thought for a few minutes and said:

- Thank you grandfather.

"Why?" The man replied.

For getting older, for living.

Then, Clara stroked her grandfather's hair and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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