The rights of children with Down Syndrome

The rights of children with Down Syndrome

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The UN approved the Convention on rights of persons with disabilities in 2006. In it it is made clear that all people have the same rights and not because we are different do we have to suffer any type of discrimination.

Down Syndrome it is not a disease, but a genetic alteration which can lead to some degree of intellectual disability. It is important to know the rights of children with Down syndrome so they can participate in society just like everyone else and on equal terms.

1. all persons are equal before the law and discrimination on the basis of disability is prohibited.

2. All children with disabilities must fully enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms under equal conditions with the other children and for this the States will have to take the necessary measures to ensure that this is the case.

3. Children with disabilities have the right to express their opinion freely on all matters that affect them, as well as to receive the appropriate assistance according to their disability and age to be able to exercise that right.

4. People with disabilities have right to live independently and for this they agree to adopt effective measures so that they can freely choose their place of residence, and where and with whom to live on equal terms with others.

5. All people with disabilities have right to education, equal opportunities than others in order to learn the skills that allow them to develop socially, learn and live in community.

6. People with disabilities have right to work and earn a living from the job of their choice. Therefore, discrimination based on disability is prohibited.

7. Right to be respected the evolution of the faculties of children with disabilities.

8. Right to preserve your identity.

In 2006, the United Nations approved the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and was ratified by Spain in 2008.

In it they commit through 50 articles to guarantee the rights that people with disabilities have by promoting respect for dignity, individual autonomy, freedom in decision-making, the independence of people, fighting for non-discrimination, favoring full and effective participation in society, fostering respect for difference, equal opportunities, accessibility, and equality between men and women.

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