Set with plastic cups for Christmas. Children's crafts

Set with plastic cups for Christmas. Children's crafts

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We suggest you make a very fun craft for Christmas. Your children will enjoy making it and can also personalize it with their favorite Christmas characters.

It is a game with plastic cups so that children can play to form very funny characters, changing their clothing or hair or hat. Pay attention to these instructions and you will be able to make a fun game with the children with plastic cups for Christmas.


  • 3 plastic cups
  • Black marker
  • Blue marker Crepe paper
  • Red marker
  • Black marker
  • Nude Nail Lacquer

1 First, draw a doll without clothes, eyes or hair to serve as a template. Calculate it to be a size that can fit in the glass. Draw it on white card stock. It will serve as a pattern to trace it on the glass.

2. Now insert your template with the drawing of the doll in the plastic cup and trace it with black marker directly into the glass. Test your pulse! Oh, and don't forget to review any of the lines.

3. Out with the squad! Now you will have to draw the face of your Christmas characterin the glass. The eyes, the mouth and some funny blushes.

4. It's the turn of the nail polish. Do you know what you need it for? To color your doll's face. But screen on the inside of the glass.

5. Now find another plastic cup and put the one of your newly drawn character in it. In this glass you will have to draw hair and different hats. First you paint the hair, turn the glass to leave the hair that you painted on one side and now you draw a different hairstyle. You turn it around and paint a Santa's piglet.

7. Find a third plastic cup and put the other two inside. This will be the laundry glass. We started with santa claus suit. To draw it you need red marker. You can paint it this way, without forgetting the blue shoes, the white gloves and the black buttons ...

8. For the other two characters, draw the body you want. For example, they can be those of a child and an angel.

And look how fun this Christmas game with glasses is! You can create an angel Santa Claus, a child, angel, a Santa Claus child… whatever you want!



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