Children who eat worse with mom

Children who eat worse with mom

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Mealtime is an issue that worries many mothers. Sometimes it goes as far as despair. From psychology there is a theory that says that food has an emotional component. Adults turn all their concerns on the health of their children when they are eating. Is that why there are children who eat worse with mom?

This excessive concern of mothers that their children do not eat well makes children discover that they can blackmail with that attitude, which makes things worse and they become children who eat worse with mom. Mealtime means embarking on a long war that will ultimately cause both parties to suffer.

Bribes, threats, etc. are used. Anything goes so that the child eats everything. Because "to grow very strong you have to eat everything." Parents have to stop to think that it is estimated that one in four children eats "badly". This may be due to:

- A genetic trait. In other words, it is very likely that the child's own parents or one of them were “bad” eaters during their own childhood.

- Children eat "badly" during a stage. This usually happens in some period of the first five years.

- Children get bored at the time of sitting at the table because what they want is to play, move, explore.

These children who eat "badly" tend to eat better at school, at their friends 'houses, at their relatives' houses, etc. This is due to several influencing factors:

- Time to eat it occurs in a more relaxed environment.

The one in charge of eating: the caregiver at school, his grandmother, his uncle, his friend's mother are much more objective. His neutrality towards the child's attitude towards food avoids the possible emotional blackmail that usually occurs in his home and in particular in his relationship with his mother.

- The moment of the meal is lived as a daily activity more if giving more importance in other spaces such as at school.

- At school you always eat at the same time so create a routine for the child to help you.

For the child to eat as well as he does with others, it is important that some guidelines can be followed to prevent meal time from becoming a war. Here are some tips:

- Ensure that the atmosphere at lunchtime is pleasant.

- Set an example.

- Do not force him to eat or scold him if he does not. If you don't like what's on the first course, offer it second. But do not do anything else. It is not the child who decides his menu.

- Avoid emotional blackmail with phrases like: "If you love me, eat it all."

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