Parents separated at Christmas

Parents separated at Christmas

If this is one of your first years dividing Christmas, don't despair. Even if it is strange to do it for the first time, spice up your Christmas parties with a dose of naturalness, humor, generosity and good vibes. With this cocktail, you will ensure a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for your children. In short, a happy Christmas that, as a friend told me the other day, is what matters.

What about children? With whom will they spend Christmas and Three Kings Day? How will these changes affect you? A period of family reunions par excellence, Christmas complicates a bit the relationships of the families of separated or divorced parents and turns the company of the children into a competitive fight on these dates.. We tell you how to improve the relationship of separated parents at Christmas.

Where to eat or dine on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve and Three Kings with or without the children is the dilemma that separated parents face at Christmas every year.

It is normal that these dates become a particularly difficult time for them, since the separation involves many changes in the family structure. However, you have to normalize.

It is true that children now have two homes and that they must distribute their vacations in different houses and even in different places or destinations. For this reason, experts advise that it is advisable to avoid complications, avoid separating siblings, respect traditions, if any, regarding where to spend the holidays, with one family or another, so that children can relate Christmas to their maternal grandparents and New Year's Eve with their parents, for example

You should also avoid comparisons and comments about who they have the best time with or criticism about the Christmas customs of the spouse and their family.

The issue of gifts to children is another thorny issue at Christmas for families with separated parents. The tendency to compete for children's affection with the most expensive gift or to mount expectations for the choice of the one that makes them most excited is one of the most common and harmful mistakes for the family in general.

Keep it simple, reaching an agreement works best. An effort should be made to bring positions and criteria closer together. Think that the disintegration of your family unit worries your children and at Christmas they notice more that the world in which they lived has been broken. Strive to create a safe and pleasant environment for them.

Those of us who make Christmas sad or happy for children are parents. Being realistic about the situation and with a little effort to avoid speechesEven if you don't have your body for celebrations, we can help create a relaxed atmosphere that has a positive impact on the emotional stability of children.

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