How to teach the child the concept of the Universe

How to teach the child the concept of the Universe

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How to explain to our children the vastness of the Universe? How to make them internalize an abstract and relative idea? At what age are they prepared to understand and internalize it? There are many doubts that arise to parents when talking about this topic.

Concepts as abstract as the Universe are very difficult to explain to children. And much more if we try to place the child in a spatial way within the universe. Children tend to notice what they have around them, but everything that escapes their vision is difficult to understand spatially.

María Montessori has a system for children to understand the greatness of the Universe and to be able to place the children inside it. I tell you how you can teach the child the concept of the Universe.

María Montessori was a pedagogue, educator, scientist, physician, psychiatrist, philosopher, anthropologist, biologist and psychologist. A benchmark in pedagogy, who expressed a education model, which has more and more adept parents, as it is a good alternative to traditional education. For her, the adult can only offer the child the necessary means and teach him to use them, and it is the child who must develop himself; what she calls: self education.

On the complicated subject of explaining to children the space and our place within it, María Montessori, made it easy for parents, and gives a series of explanations that can help us a lot when it comes to telling the children in a practical way.

In his book 'The education of human potentialities', he developed the'Principles of cosmic education', which he adapted for the primary school curriculum.

In it he elaborated a 'Cosmic Concept of Education' based on the claim that 'The universe contains everything, included in it'. It also contemplates that people are interrelated with nature according to a central idea 'The Cosmic Plan', in which everyone, consciously or unconsciously, responds to the great purpose of life, this guides the child in the path of self-knowledge.

According to her, the child around the age of six shows a predisposition to inquire the reason for things, as he had never considered before. For this reason, if the idea of ​​the universe is presented to the child in an appropriate way, it will arouse more than curiosity, it will make him feel the need to inquire.

To awaken their interest in this topic, we must not provide them with isolated data and knowledge, but show them global idea, interrelating all the concepts at the same time. This is how we will explain, through a game that resembles the Matryoshka dolls, that the Universe contains everything, and everything is within it; the child is also within the universe and is part of the 'All'.

We have designed a craft that can help you a lot to explain this concept that encompasses from the smallest, where we live, to the immensity of the Universe. It is about the Game of the cosmic boxes, a series of boxes that are inserted into each other to show the child the way in which everything is immersed within the Universe.

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