The absent expression of autistic children

The absent expression of autistic children

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A look that looks, but does not see, a body that moves, but does not consciously control movements, a mouth that opens and closes, but does not communicate, a heart that beats but does not seem to feel, and a brain that does not organize information. That is what his mother sees in Adrián, a 3-year-old boy, diagnosed with autism.

The social, communication and learning problems presented by autistic children are not always easy for parents to carry. In many cases, the relationship parents have with their autistic children is as enigmatic as science still has with autism.

'First he began to walk on tip, then to cover his ears, then to flap without rhyme or reason with his arms and when he was going to pick him up at the nursery, his monitor told me that I did not play with the other children', lamented this mother, who moved heaven and earth until she found a diagnosis for her son.

A brain scan confirmed autism, after going through screening tests that still use conventional diagnostic methods. Moved by that expression absent In the face of her son, this mother started an intense long-distance race aimed at getting her child to improve before the age of five, but Adrián was losing skills, forgetting instructions and still did not speak.

Living with an autistic child requires patience, and a willingness to go a long way toward understanding. The World Autism Day reminds us that in the world there are more than five million autistic people, which is a disease that does not heal and whose only medicine is education, something they don't find when they get older.

The most important thing is the early diagnosis of the disease, while it is calculated that in Spain one in 150 people suffers from an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Experts claim that you have the wrong idea about autism. It is believed that they are children who live in another world, isolated and have no affectivity, but with work it has been proven that they are very receptive people. It is not that they live in another world, but that they have difficulty understanding this one.

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