A different journey. Story about children's imagination

A different journey. Story about children's imagination

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Children's imaginations have no limits, they may well be on Mars than on Venus, and even on unknown planets. Traveling with the mind is one of the best qualities that children can experience.

A different journey is a story written by Azucena Zarzuela to stimulate children's imagination and invite them to live imaginary worlds.

Today was Sunday and Marta's birthday. I was turning six years old and I knew it would be a special day. Would come the Grandpa to play with her and it would bring her a big surprise as her parents had announced.

- Grandpa, where is my gift? - Marta asked.

- On the rooftop. I hope you like it a lot - answered the grandfather.

Marta ran up to the roof and when she opened the door she saw a big rocket that left her mouth open. It was of many colors and shone in the sunlight.

"Today we will go on an excursion and visit the planets," Grandpa announced.

- How are the planets? - Marta wanted to know.

- Do not be impatient, now you will discover them - advised the grandfather.

Marta was very happy but also nervous because she did not know what she was going to find.

They first reached the planet cruso where all the colors were backwards. The rivers were red and the grasslands blue. The treetops were a nice brown while the trunks were green. Marta laughed when she saw that the bears were pink and the horses purple. But although the colors were changed, everything was very beautiful.

To eat the grandfather took her to the planet Pachán where he explained that they made the best soup in the galaxy. Here Marta discovered that soup was eaten with a fork and steaks with a spoon. It was so much fun eating and trying not to get stained.

In the afternoon they arrived at Planet Tilín to play with the animals. They all spoke in a strange way: the cow meowed, the dog bellowed, the horse chirped, the piglets whinnied, the hen barked ... They all seemed to have gone crazy, however, they all understood each other.

When they returned home, Marta thanked her grandfather for giving her the best adventure in the world. Marta had been very surprised to discover that sometimes things can be different and that they can be just as fun.

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