The Tragoncete cake. Modern fable for children

The Tragoncete cake. Modern fable for children

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Tragoncete's cake is a modern fable for children written by María O'Donnell that teaches us that selfishness never brings us good things and that is more fun to share things with friends.

A perfect story to tell to children who find it difficult to share with friends.

Tragoncete was a cub very, very, very gluttonous, who loved to eat more than anything in the world. Therefore, he was happy when his mother prepared his favorite dessert, the day of his birthday; it was the-famous-honey-and crunchy-cake with the -that- you- smack- but- sticks- to -the- teeth.

At first he was going to tell his friends, but then he decided to eat it himselfAfter all, it was her birthday.

So he got on his bike, put the cake in his basket and went to find a place where no one would bother him.

"There," he thought, "I'll go into the shade of the great crab apple on the hill."

Along the way, a delicious aroma. - Umm how it smelled the honey-and-crunchy-cake-with-the-one-you-smack-but-stick-to-your-teeth! Tragoncete imagined savoring the slowly falling jets of honey as he nibbled on the cake.

He kept pedaling. Suddenly, after a bend in the road, his friends appeared: the Roqui turtle, the Púa hedgehog and the Rattlesnake squirrel.

- Oh no! - said Tragoncete, - I'm going to accelerate to don't see me - and started up the hill quickly.

The bear turned his head to see if his friends were following him and looked away from the road. The bike wheel tripped on a root sticking out of the crabapple and Tragoncete fell on top of the basket, crushing the honey-and-crisp-cake-with-the-one-you-lick-but-stick-to-your-teeth, which was crushed to the ground, spoiling.

Moral: It's always better and more fun share good things with friends.

Author: Maria O'Donnell

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