Mother's verses. Lullaby for the children of Gloria Fuertes

Mother's verses. Lullaby for the children of Gloria Fuertes

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Mother's verses is a beautiful and sweet lullaby written by Gloria Fuertes.

If you want to relax your baby, nothing better than singing a lullaby. Lullabies and lullabies are a nice way to put children to sleep and to achieve a loving relationship with them.

With this beautiful lullaby, if the child does not fall asleep, at least we can be sure that he will like it very much.

Close your eyes

my snow boy.

If you don't close them,

sleep does not come.

Sleeping birds

(The wind rocks them)

Sleepy, your dream

over you it spreads.

Up in the clouds

the stars sleep;

and down in the sea,

the fish are already dreaming.

...My naughty boy,

my child does not sleep.

Guardian angel,

tell me what you got.

Let the moon come

that rocks the star,

that this child of yours

lucero seems.

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