Witch makeup to disguise children

Witch makeup to disguise children

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Children love to dress up for Halloween or Carnival. So that your costume does not lack any detail, in We teach you how to make fantasy makeup in a very simple way.

The makeups They are a good resource to stimulate the creativity and imagination of children. Putting yourself in the skin of a character through makeup is a way of representing it.


  • 1 fine brush
  • 1 thick brush
  • Green and black water paint
  • Cream to hydrate the skin
  • Wipes or soap and water to remove makeup
  • Very happy!

If you follow our step by step, you will be able to make an original witch makeup for your children. Remember to use a hypoallergenic paint and wash your face well at the end of the party.

1. Use the fine brush and green paint. Cover the entire eyelid in both eyes with it.

2. Under the eye draw a black line also using the fine brush.

3. Paint some eyebrows above the child's eyebrows in an irregular shape and black. You will also need to paint larger and pointed nose holes.

4. Draw from one of the eyes a spider that falls from its web and finally some small black lips.

Happy Halloween!

Video: Old Lady Witch Makeup Tutorial (June 2022).


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