The trick of the dryer to put children to sleep

The trick of the dryer to put children to sleep

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If your baby cannot fall asleep and there is no way to make him sleep, even though you have already become hoarse from singing so much. You only have to use the hair dryer trick!

We are not saying that it is infallible, but I can assure you that in a large percentage of babies, and even adults, it works.

Here I leave you the trick of the dryer to put the children to sleep.

Your son has been crying all night, he is crying for you, he is totally desperate and so are you. You have done everything unimaginable to try to calm her crying: you have breastfed him, you have sung the entire repertoire of lullabies that you knew, and even some of Iron Maiden to let off steam, you have walked around the house with him in your arms, and now you only have to get on the lamp and make the monkey, but the baby go on err that err with his tantrum.

But one fine day you happen to discover that as soon as you put the baby in the car, he falls asleep like a little angel. So you find yourself getting down to the car at four in the morning and starting the engine to be able to sleep your offspring, and then go up in silence as if you were a thief and leave it in the crib with the same delicacy with which you take glassware for special occasions.

When you enter the time of motherhood you discover that there are inexplicable and surprising facts that you have never considered before.

You discover, for example, that the car's engine sleeps it, that the washing machine sound also, and even the kitchen extractor hood, and of course, our great ally, the hair dryer.

It has no mystery. Simply when your baby is crying, and there is no way to calm him down, turn on the hair dryer And let the sound fill the room Obviously, the heat should not reach you, only the sound.

The continuous monotonous sound of dryingr will make your baby calm down, and even fall asleep.

Is it magic?

It is not magic, but something very curious that happens in our brain.

The monotonous, continuous and smooth sound, such as that of electrical appliances, covers the rest of the sounds occupying the entire audible spectrum.

Our brain is used to habitual sounds of our house, and when any of these sounds is different from normal, we grasp it and it bothers us unconsciously, even waking us up; that's why when we change rooms to sleep it is hard for us to fall asleep.

White sound, which is what this type of sound is called constant sounds without ups and downs, calms the brain and clears the audible spectrum of all those sounds that disturb us.

When babies cry, they overexcite the brain with the sound of their own crying, thus only the white sound, that is, our hair dryer, he's the only one who can mask it, so baby stop looking at your own cry and focuses on the sound of the hairdryer, falling fast asleep in no time.

This trick works so well, that we can even find it in a music store, white sound discs to relax, both children and adults. Although it is much cheaper to use the hair dryer trick to put children to sleep. Give it a try!

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