Ideas for making Halloween cake pops for children

Ideas for making Halloween cake pops for children

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A different, delicious and fun dessert for your children's Halloween party


Halloween is coming! A perfect occasion to prepare special little things for children to play with fear and with the desire to scare. What do you think if we make them some cake pops or cupcakes shaped like graves of the dead? offers you an easy and very simple idea to do. Graves of cake pops coated in white chocolate, then decorated with green fondant and dark chocolate for the letters RIP (Rest in Peace or may he rest in peace).

Recipe for cake pops or white chocolate cakes in the shape of skulls for the children's Halloween party. our site proposes a homemade recipe, easy and very fun.

To do this cake pop or cupcakes, you will need black and white chocolate. With the white the ball is covered and with the black the eyes, the nose and the mouth are made with their points. How about?

Another way to do Cake Pops Pumpkins can be this with orange fondant to cover the cakes, green for the stem and then black and white for the eyes. proposes a cute pumpkin in cake pops for the children's Halloween party.

The bat is one of the animals that has the most presence in movies and scary stories. If your children like bats to decorate and enjoy the Halloween party, prepare with them these fun Cake Pops of bat.

To do this, you will need a cupcake covered in dark fondant chocolate, and slices of dark chocolate cut out in the shape of wings.

Do your kids like cake pops? our site proposes you to make these original cakes or cake-pops of these cute ghosts.

You will only have to cover each cupcake with a circle made of white fondant and then glue eyes and mouth of black fondant. A very easy candy for the children's Halloween party.

Kids will be amazed when they see these fun sweet mummy cake pops for their Halloween party. Do you want to know how to do them?

You have to prepare several cake pops, and bathe them in white Candy Melt, white chocolate or white fondant. With dark chocolate you can make the eyes, and with strips of white fondant, tie them.For the special touch you can tie a few pieces of cloth on the toothpick.

To make these terrifying but delicious spiders you have to make the cake pop first.

Then, bathe the cake in chocolate and add dyed sugar or non-pareils. For the legs you can use black licorice. The eyes are made of sugar ... and they are eaten too!

Would you like to make this cake pop in the shape of a little witch with your children and then eat it? For this, you have to make several cake pops and bathe them in green Candy Melt.

Use fontant to make thin orange churritos for hair. For the hat you will need black and purple fondan. The eyes and mouth are also made with black fondant.

If you organize a Halloween party for children, we suggest you make these terrifying owls. To do this, you must first make the cake pops.

Cover the cake pop with orange Candy Melt and cover only part of it with chocolate. Make the shape of the ears with your hands and add sugar eyes and sprinkles to make the beak and legs.

Any Halloween party worth its salt cannot be celebrated without its pumpkin. You can decorate a real one or make these scary sweet pumpkins, they are pumpkin-shaped cake pops.

First, prepare the cupcakes, and cover them with orange Candy Melt. Put a green candy as a tail and use black fondant to make the mouth, nose and eyes.

Do you like cake pops? We suggest you make these original Frankenstein biscuits.

You just have to use clouds or marshmallow and stick them on a cake pop stick. Cover each one with green Candy Melt and use chocolate to make the hair, eyes, mouth and scar.

If you want to make these cake pops in the shape of Halloween black cats, you must first prepare several cake pops.

Soak them in dark chocolate and make the shape of the ears by hand. For the eyes and nose you can use sprinkles. With a black edible marker, you will give your eyes that terrifying touch.

Your kids will be amazed when you show them these sweet Halloween Draculae. Do you want to know how to do them?

You have to prepare several cake pops, and bathe them in gray Candy Melt. With black choclate you can make the hair, eyes and mouth. For the special touch of the fangs you can use sprinkles.

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