In pregnancy, controls hypothyroidism

In pregnancy, controls hypothyroidism

Sometimes, hypothyroidism in pregnancy can be confused with the symptoms of early pregnancy. Due to the fact that the symptoms go unnoticed, many women continue hopeful with the arrival of their baby and if it is not diagnosed and treatment is given in time, it can be the cause of abortion. Hence the importance of controlling hypothyroidism in pregnancy.

In this way a friend lost her baby. She always complained that she was tired, exhausted, lacking energy or strength to face a day's work and since she had been like this for a while, she blamed it on the recent news of her pregnancy, which she received with great joy. However, the good news did not change her face and she herself did not know what was the reason for her bad face, her dry skin, her hoarse voice and the appearance of her hair, increasingly dry, poor and difficult to handle. comb.

Two weeks later, she spontaneously lost her baby and the doctors started looking for the cause. A simple and straightforward blood test found that suffered from hypothyroidism, the disease responsible for her miscarriage, that could have been prevented with proper treatment. So it was. Six months later she became pregnant again and taking the medication prescribed by the doctors and following the appropriate controls, today she is the mother of two children, a boy and a girl.

And it is that hypothyroidism affects young women of pregnancy age, approximately 1 in 100 women of childbearing age has hypothyroidism, a disease characterized by a lack of iodine or by the inability of the thyroid gland to take advantage of iodine present in the body.

Nevertheless, pregnancy is a particularly delicate situation for the thyroid gland, even in healthy women, since pregnancy requires 50% more effort on the thyroid than it does in a normal situation. The treatment of hypothyroidism in pregnancy to follow consists of adjusting the dose of thyroxine, which is the hormone that the thyroid gland generates, to maintain adequate levels during pregnancy. This adjustment with medication does not have any side effect for the baby or for the pregnant woman, it only requires periodic controls to regularly adjust the dose, since if we overdo it, it can lead to a situation of excess thyroid hormone or hyperthyroidism.

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