NO tap water during pregnancy

NO tap water during pregnancy

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Drinking tap water It is a healthy and cheap habit adopted years ago in many major cities such as Madrid and New York, as a saving measure and to reduce the consumption of bottled water, whose containers pollute and do not protect the environment.

However, a group of researchers in the United Kingdom has just revealed that tap water is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Say no, to tap water during pregnancy because the study shows that women who consume tap water during pregnancy can give birth to children with Heart problems, with severe brain defects, or with a cleft palate or lip.

The reasons for not using tap water during pregnancy This is because, normally, various by-products of chlorine are used to disinfect tap water and thus avoid diseases in the people who consume it. On the other hand, prenatal exposure to these products can increase malformations in babies.

Data on 400,000 children born in Taiwan were observed and studied. The results revealed that exposure to high, medium or low levels of chlorine by-products, increased the risk of 11 common birth defects. Consuming water with high levels of these by-products increases the risk of defects ventricular septum, cleft palate and anencephaly, where neuronal development fails.

It is not yet known why these disinfection by-products can cause defects in children, but they do know that not only the consumption of chlorinated water can cause defects birth to the baby, but also that exposure to chlorine by-products may be responsible for common specific defects. That a pool has chlorine does not mean that its water cannot cause illness in those who are pregnant or not, or to third parties.

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