What differentiates parents and children with a special intuition from others

What differentiates parents and children with a special intuition from others

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Having intuition is a gift. Actually, we all have it, only some are more developed than others. The great scientist Albert Einstein said that the intuitive mind was 'a sacred gift'. In fact, he went so far as to say that 'the only really valuable thing is intuition'. Totally agree.

Intuition is a very powerful skill for both parents and children. And yes, I think there are people who are born with a more developed, special intuition, let's call it that ... Do you know what differentiates parents and children with a special intuition from others? All these features ...

Many call it the 'sixth sense'. There are people who are born with it. It's actually called intuition. They are people capable of 'seeing' something before it arrives, of preparing for something that they know is going to happen. To feel that impulse, that 'spark' that tells them what to do, where to go, without knowing how to explain why ...

Intuition is a powerful weapon if you know how to use it well. And it is a very characteristic hallmark in adults and children. Find out if you are one of those lucky parents to have that gift or if your child has it and does not yet know that he has it. Pay attention to what differentiates parents and children with a special intuition, from others:

1. They have a lot of empathy. Intuition leads to having a lot of empathy and getting to know a person before the rest. A very intuitive parent will know what their child is like without having to talk to them. They are very observant parents, but observers of emotions. Your subconscious will quickly 'tell' you if your child is okay, if he has a problem, if he needs something ... They are parents who often do not know how to express their feelings very well but are able to feel those of others as their own. In the case of children? They are emotionally unstable children, because they still do not know how to recognize what is happening to them. They feel more anger than the rest. More sadness. And also more joy. When they begin to manage their emotions better, they will connect with others as if they were a 'magnet'. There will be people who attract them powerfully and others who prefer to flee, and they will not know why.

2. They adapt to changes more easily. The ability to 'foresee' that something is going to happen makes these parents and children with a special intuition know how to adapt better than anyone to change ... because without knowing it, they were preparing for it. They do it unconsciously.

3. They pay close attention to dreams and their inner thoughts. Yes, you may not remember all of them, but some of the dreams powerfully grab your attention because you view them as 'messages' from the subconscious. Without dreams full of metaphors that only people with a special intuition can decipher. This puts them on alert and prepares them. They are people capable of interpreting your dreams. Also, they know how to listen to their deepest self. They communicate with their interior much better than other people.

4. They tend to make very good decisions. Nothing like 'seeing the near future' to make decisions. Parents and children with great intuition often take the right paths in life. And if at some point it goes wrong and did not go as expected, they consider that it was a necessary way to get where they need to go. They never take a mistake as something negative, but rather as a piece in the gear of life, necessary to reach the goal.

5. They are realistic, not pessimistic. From the outside, they may see themselves as somewhat pessimistic people, because they insist on defending that 'path' where one should not go: 'This is not' 'This is not either' ... Many will consider that they only see the bad part. In reality, they are focusing on the paths or decisions that should not be taken to find the correct path, by default. According to many neurologists, intuition is precisely that part of the unconscious that is responsible for analyzing all possible options before taking a step ...

6. They are guided by destiny. One of the favorite phrases of people with a special intuition is: 'it is destiny'. They tend to believe in it, although on the other hand they know that it can always be changed. How? Changing a decision at the right time. And they, parents and children with great intuition, know how to do it.

7. They believe in 'signs'. Did you ever see something that made you think ... how can it be? Is there a coincidence? ..? That which many other more rational people call chance, they, the great masters of intuition, call 'signals'. What's more: they know how to interpret them and they often help them take one path or another in their life.

8. They know their body. They are the typical people who know what suits them, what foods they need or which they should avoid. Without ever having consulted with doctors. They know how to listen to their body and follow its rhythm. They eat more when the body asks for it ... less when they consider that the body does not need more ... They are parents who do not give as much importance to the meal times of their children and children who ask to eat when they are hungry, and not when 'it's their turn'.

9. They are very good at strategy games. That power to know how to analyze possible solutions to a problem in record time makes them very good at strategy games such as chess, where you must make decisions 'getting ahead' of your rival.

10. They usually have a very rich inner world. They are creative people, different ... a bit 'weird'. And children? In front of others, they are more withdrawn children and with a very rich inner world, but as they grow up, they will be able to open up more to the outside. With good doses of self-esteem boosters, these children can become bright and highly valued adults in society and in the workplace.

It may seem a bit strange to you, but intuition has nothing to do with the esoteric world. It is in our mind. To do this, the brain shows a special ability to archive memories and experiences and retrieve them at key moments as the basis for making a decision. That subconscious memory is tremendously useful if you know how to use it. For this, people with a special intuition, give priority to this part of the mind over the rational and analytical mind. Intuition is that impulse that launches you to do something ... and to discover without knowing why. What many call, yes, 'hunch'.

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