Duck's friends. Poem for children about friendship

Duck's friends. Poem for children about friendship

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Making friends, learning to take care of them, listen to them and support them in good times and bad is one of the lessons that children have to acquire in order to cultivate friendship, something so important in life.

So that your children begin to appreciate how fundamental friends are, we suggest that you read this with them Friendship Poem for Children: Duck's Friends. A beautiful short poetry that will help us with the education of our children.

Swimming a duck in the river,

a crocodile heard

criticize him harshly,

and sadly he left.

He went home very sad

to prepare the suitcase,

a set of new pens

boots and a jacket.

«Don't listen to the crocodile

stay here please »

_ his friends told him_

Think about it a little better!

Without sleeping all night

without knowing what to do,

he was without shutting an eye

until he saw the dawn.

He realized the next day

the friends I had,

when seeing it appear

they showed their joy.

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