Early detection of childhood enuresis

Early detection of childhood enuresis

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The impact bed-wetting has on a child's life can be disastrous, considering factors such as lack of control over urine, it can lead you to completely close in on yourself.

Shame, lack of knowledge, guidance, or support can lead to the child walks away completely from others. For this reason, prevention in this sense would save children and their families a lot of headaches. Early detection of childhood enuresisis necessary for possible eeviatr psychological sequelae in the child.

how can? detect enuresis In the kids? Experts believe there should be routine urination checks of the kids. Parents should be on the lookout for any change of habit or usual for children's urine. The child who begins to wet himself and the bed should be watched. Sometimes it can be due to a specific situation, such as having nightmares, anxiety about something, etc. Other times, it can become a continuous situation And this is when parents should take precautions to prevent the habit from turning into enuresis.

After all, bed-wetting is not silly or a whim. It is a pathology that affects 8 out of 10 children, and what rit seriously affects your social life in the form of school failure and problems in social and family relationships, forcing them to give up part of their childhood.The embarrassment of peeing in bed It makes them not go to excursions, to camps or, simply, not to stay to play or sleep at their friends' houses.

In the opinion of specialists, all this could be avoided and controlled with early detection of childhood enuresis, in medical consultation, among which the inclusion of the question about whether the child suffers enuresis in children's health programs has stood out. The usual treatment is based on pharmacological and psychosocial measures, among which motivation, alarm devices, bladder training exercises, and therapeutic diets stand out.

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