Medications to prevent nausea in pregnancy

Medications to prevent nausea in pregnancy

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In a large number of women, the pregnancy He arrives with nausea and vomiting as a cover letter. Although nausea does not pose any danger to the health of the mother or the baby and usually disappears at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, it is a discomfort that can affect the daily life of the pregnant woman. To avoid nausea, there are some natural tricks, but also medications.

Always under medical supervision, you can take some of the medications to avoid nausea in pregnancy if you see that these discomforts prevent you from carrying out your activities normally. Between the medicines most recommended for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy are the Vitamin B6, some antihistamines and other more specific drugs to treat nausea, dizziness and vomiting that are sold in pharmacies.

Although the most recommended medicine in recent times to combat morning sickness is the metoclopramide. A drug whose safety and effectiveness is supported by countless investigations, although that does not prevent many women from taking this type of drug fear.

And it is that still remains in memory the sad scandal of Thalidomine, which in the early 1960s, was positioned as a safe drug for pregnant women until a few years later its relationship with numerous malformations in babies around the world was discovered.

The fear of any pregnant woman when taking any medication is quite understandable, since it can affect the development of the baby. That is why it is so important not to take any drug without first consulting with the doctor. Either way, there are also some tricks to combat nausea in pregnancy that are not dangerous.

Among the recommendations for cases of nausea in pregnancy are to eat a small amount but many times a day, drink plenty of water, write down the foods or situations that trigger nausea, avoid sudden movements and practice exercises. relaxation. Keep in mind at all times that the nausea will pass and try to avoid nervousness as much as possible.

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