Stand up and see. Short poems for children

Stand up and see. Short poems for children

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As adults we have a bad habit of rushing through life, the stress and stresses of everyday life make us pay little attention to details. However, for children, everything is details. Children enjoy, get excited and are surprised by the little things. A way of learning that they should never lose.

This is what it teaches us Stand up and see, a short poem for children which suggests that we stop a bit and not rush through life so we can enjoy the little things and be happier. An extraordinary teaching for children.

Why are you always running?

the tortoise spoke to the hare,

when life is so beautiful

if you stop for her.

If you go for it so fast

you can never appreciate

its extraordinary landscape

You won't be able to enjoy it!

Do you know why turtles

do we get older?

Why are we happier?

Stand for a while and see!

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