The regressions of the child in the return to school

The regressions of the child in the return to school

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What nerves, going back to school! My daughter Alba does not stop asking when the school year begins, what teacher will she have this year, what children will she have in class, will her friends be there from last year? ... endless questions pound her head at every moment and she lets me know even if it's five in the morning as your source of instant answers that I am.

But what happens when the return to school produces a regression of the child in the return to school?When they pee on each other again, do they suck their thumb again or are they more cuddly?

If it weren't for the fact that he chases me around the house day and night with his questions, it really would seem that he does not experience any novelty in his daily life: he plays as usual, sings as usual (that is, terribly out of tune) and fights with his sister like always, that is, minute yes minute no.

However, last night, she woke up scared because he had peed on the bed. Embarrassed, she came to my bed and said in a scared voice "Mom, I think I dreamed I was in the bathroom and I peed. Obviously she hadn't wet the bed for years, and this puzzled her terribly. "Don't worry honey, it's normal, you're nervous." We changed the sheets and the subject was not discussed further.

The fact is that the same thing happened the next day, and commenting on it with the pediatrician, he told me that it was something very common when children live moments of stress, and the school is one of them.

All those doubts that haunted his head were a reflection of the anxiety he is experiencing. Going back to school is one of the worst times of the year for her, along with the arrival of the Magi, when her tooth falls out and waits awake for hours for the Mouse to arrive, and even when we get angry with her, like this that his way of expressing it unconsciously is by unleashing his bladder at the most unexpected moment.

This type of behavior even has a name, "Regression of the child" And it's not just about wetting the bed again, even though it has been years since, but also starting to suck your thumb, bite your nails, chew your hair, talk like a baby and feel like you need more protection from mom and dad than normal.

It usually occurs in children with little confidence in themselves, as is the case with my daughter, since she is a twin and after several months of vacation with her sister without separating for a minute to my despair, it is time that each one goes to a different class, in addition to the big ones uncertainties that the passage of the school year entails for her.

There is no need to worry, much less get angry with the child, or say phrases that can damage their self-esteem such as "you're old enough to do that", since it is something habitual and temporary. It should not be given too much importance unless the episodes are repeated for several months, at which time it is convenient to ask the pediatrician and look for the true problem of the child's regression when he returns to school, to see if it can be solved.

My daughter has even asked me to buy her some panties at night (not diapers, although it really is the same) because she feels safer with them, and simply by putting them on she does not escape. But the best of all is that her twin sister has been so amused that she has decided to show solidarity with her and put them on too. So I have two huge seven-year-old girls walking around the house laughing laughing, wearing diapers.

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