Why shouldn't we use the mobile to reassure the child

Why shouldn't we use the mobile to reassure the child

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Who has not done this at some time? It is a very common image in restaurants, supermarkets, medical consultations ... The father or mother uses the mobile to reassure the child.

Before the child erupts in a tantrum, runs around the table or talks too loud, we turn to what seems to be our salvation: the mobile. However, recent studies warn about use our devices as digital babysitters, You want to know why?

When the child is screaming in a restaurant, does not want to sit in the chair or is about to have a tantrum, We usually resort to an effective, infallible, magical tool ... the mobile! Who has not used the mobile to calm the child? It is a rest and above all a relief, but are we doing well? Experts say no.

A team of researchers from Hospital Infantil C.S. Mott, from the University of Michigan conducted a study on 150 families and found that parents are increasingly turning to new technologies as a quick and effective method to calm and reassure their child. But the research also indicated that these devices are used even more as a babysitter or tranquilizer, in children with more difficult social behaviors. What dangers does it entail according to the experts?

- The abuse of these devices with all that this entails.They should not be a toy for children, and you don't want to spend more than 30 minutes a day with them.

- If we use the mobile to calm him down, we are not solving any problemWe only hide it by distracting the child.

- Children are not learning to behave and to act appropriately in certain circumstances.

- They do not learn to tolerate frustration, that is, they do not discover for themselves that things do not always go the way they want.

- They do not learn to control anger and rageThey are not developing self-control techniques.

- By giving him the mobile we only avoid that embarrassing moment of tantrum, so the child will know what to do when he wants to play with a tablet or a phone, he will have a tendency to be a tyrant child.

- In short, we are not putting any pedagogical measure for the child to calm down, the problem will still be there when we take the phone from him.

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