5 road safety rules for children to go back to school

5 road safety rules for children to go back to school

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Choosing a good restraint or retention system for your car is as important as using it properly. It is also very important the way children carry their backpack in the car, or if they travel in winter with a coat and fasten their seat belt over it.

Pay attention to These 5 road safety rules for children to go back to school. Your safety depends largely on our not overlooking all these warnings.

Before the beginning of school, and after a long vacation, it is difficult to return to the routine, and sometimes even We forget some basic safety rules. The trips to school are often done by car. They are short trips, so many parents fall into that 'if it's a short trip, you don't need restraint systems'. And yet, the highest accident rate occurs precisely on this type of journey. Therefore, we advise you to aim well these 5 basic rules of road safety:

1.- Adults are an example for children. You always have to cross the pedestrian crossing and with the green light, the little ones copy what they see and learn from each act of the grown-ups.

2.- Teach the little ones to make sure that all vehicles are stopped on both sides of the street or highway before crossing.

3.- Always walk on the sidewalk.

4.- Children should get out of the carAlways on the side of the sidewalk.

5.- Do not double park. A double-file car reduces visibility to other drivers and forces the child to get off the road, which is dangerous.

Did you know that the backpack must be transported in a certain way inside the car? Or that the coat can also be dangerous? Here you have other safety regulations that maybe you did not know:

1. Carrying the backpack on the back while sitting in the car can crush the spine of the child in the event of an accident. The best thing is that they feel without it. To get an idea, in the event of a frontal accident at 64 km / h, a 4-kilo backpack multiplies its weight by 40. 160 kilograms can crush the spine of a child and cause serious injuries. To this must be added, that the lateral protection is also less since the position of the child is more advanced than adequate in that child seat.

2. Adults are an example in road safety for the little ones and you have to take care of every detail. If they see you don't buckle up, they won't either.

3. In cold weather, avoid children traveling with their coat onas it reduces the effectiveness of the seat belt.

4. Check that the car's restraint system is adequate for the size and age of the child. There are many models of children's chairs for all needs and pockets. The most important thing is to make sure that it is approved and meets the safety standards. For this we have to look for the homologation label.

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