The best museums in Mexico for children

The best museums in Mexico for children

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Do you want to make a fun plan with your children? Why not do something different? In Mexico there are endless museums that offer children guaranteed fun and that also promote learning in them. Here are some of themthe best museums in Mexico for children. In them you can find from strange objects, toys from other times, wax figures, interactive rooms, art, popular culture and even chocolate! You dare?

Papalote Children's Museum It is a unique space that offers endless activities designed to promote learning in children. In this fun museum of Mexico for children you can find interactive exhibits related to the human body, the planet, Mesoamerican culture and much more! As well you can see one of the largest IMAX rooms in the world! Enjoy trips to the North Pole or the African Savannah, or how about immersing yourself in ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Mayan or Arabic? For this, you cannot miss one of the many films that are projected on this mega-screen.

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This museum is the product of Diego Rivera's effort, for building an exhibition space with endless pre-Hispanic pieces that the famous painter collected throughout his life. This is a museum where pre-Hispanic times come to life and especially for children, it is an ideal experience that invites them to interact with themed rooms full of culture and popular art. On the other hand, it also has activities such as theater, storytelling of legends and workshops for all audiences.

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Located in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Mexico City (Colonia Juárez), this museum opens its doors to invite children to enjoy a unique experience. The objective of this space is to educate and promote the culture of cocoa and chocolate in Mexico, as well as learn about the history of chocolate today and from other times. For audiences of all ages there are courses, workshops and even a chocolate academy taught by experts in the field.

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Universum is the Museum of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Its objective is to disseminate science and technology through exhibitions, activities, workshops, courses, theater and cinema. In the same way, it has spaces designed especially for children, where through the manipulation of objects and sensory activities they will help them to better understand the scientific world, there is definitely nothing better than learning by playing!

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The founder of this museum is the cartoonist Robert L. Ripley, who through the years collected a wide variety of strange objects from different parts of the world. The museum has 12 exhibition rooms where children can see everything from astronaut suits to a replica of the Mona Lisa made in toasted bread. You can also find a wax museum with more than 200 human figures of political, historical, artistic characters and many more! It is a different space full of curiosities, ideal for children and adults!

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This museum is dedicated to finance, economy and sustainable development. It offers fun experiences for children in an environment that encourages learning. The little ones will be able to explore topics related to the environment and sustainability, basic principles of economics, activities that promote values ​​and workshops such as the following: "Steps to follow to grow edible plants at home." Very interesting! Do not you think?

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Would you like to see the largest collection of toys in the world? In this museum you can learn about Mexican popular history and culture through various collectibles related to the world of toys. Discover from dolls and puppets even plastic fighters; toys that will make the grown-ups long for past times and the little ones will teach a popular art that seeks to prevail over time. It also has a series of workshops and guided tours for children.

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