Homemade almond nougat

Homemade almond nougat

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One Christmas afternoon, the kids on vacation ... what better time to start cooking? Nougat is one of the most typical Christmas sweets, and surely children will enjoy making it.

To get started with nougat recipes, there is none better than this, very simple in its ingredients and preparation. This typical homemade almond nougat will give your Christmas a sweeter flavor than ever with the aromatic touch of lemon.


  • 250 gr of peeled almonds
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 yolk
  • 200 gr of fructose
  • Tips: you can use already chopped almonds, ensuring that the baking time is less so that they do not burn. teaches us to prepare this recipe for almond nougat so that you can prepare it with the children and enjoy this delicious dessert at Christmas parties.

1. Lightly toast the almonds in the oven preheated to 200ºC.

2. Chop the almonds in a blender with three tablespoons of fructose.

3. Put the mixture in a container and add the remaining fructose, mixing everything. Add the egg yolk to the mixture and continue stirring.

4. Add the whipped whites to the stiffness and stir again until all the ingredients are well mixed.

5. Line the baking tray with aluminum foil and place the mixture, spreading it over the entire surface with the help of a spatula until it is approximately 1.5 centimeters thick.

6. Cover the cookie sheet with another layer of aluminum foil. Place a weight on the tray and let it rest for 3 days. Then, remove the weight and the aluminum foils and you can serve the nougat.

Merry Christmas!

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